Best Online Casino Tournaments March 2024

Expired first
  • 9.80 /10
    promo code
    Slot Race Tournament at Riobet
    main prize 12000 comp-points
    begining 19:00 GMT+3 25.02.2024
    end 19:00 GMT+3 03.03.2024
    Slot Race Slot Race Riobet casino Riobet
  • 9.40 /10
    promo code
    Vegas Classic Tournament at Riobet
    Next tournament 18:00 GMT+3 04.03.2024
    Vegas Classic Vegas Classic Riobet Vegas Classic tournament
  • 9.75 /10
    promo code
    Slotomaniya Tournament at Riobet
    Next tournament 18:00 GMT+3 05.03.2024
    Slotomania Riobet Slotomania tournament Slotomania
  • 9 /10
    "Slot Wars" Tournament at Bitstarz
    main prize 300 EUR
    begining 00:01 GMT+3 25.02.2024
    end 23:59 GMT+3 02.03.2024
    Bitstarz casino Slot Wars Slot Wars Bitstarz
  • 9.60 /10
    Table Wars Tournament at Bitstarz
    main prize 500 EUR
    begining 10:00 GMT+3 26.02.2024
    end 09:59 GMT+3 04.03.2024
    Table Wars Bitstarz casino tournaments
  • 9.05 /10
    Old Money Slot Tournament at Daddy Casino
    main prize 1500 EUR
    begining 00:00 GMT+3 01.03.2024
    end 00:00 GMT+3 15.03.2024
    Daddy Casino Daddy Casino slot tournament free slot tournaments
  • 9 /10
    promo code
    "Race in orbit" Tournament at SlotV
    Next tournament 02:00 GMT+3 05.03.2024
    Racing in orbit SlotV SlotV tournament
  • 8.50 /10
    Slot Battles Bitstarz casino stot tournament
  • 10 /10
    Bora Bora Adventure Bora Bora Adventure bitstarz Bora Bora Adventure tournament
  • 9 /10
    promo code
    Roxcasino tournamets Tales of East
  • 9.25 /10
    Stereoleto tournament Stereoleto Super Slots Super Slots casino
  • 9.15 /10
    Ramenbet Ramenbet Casino Ramenbet tournaments
  • 9.45 /10
    promo code
    Live Cup tournament in Riobet
    main prize 12000 comp-points
    Live Cup tournament in Riobet Live Cup Riobet Live Cup

Online Casino Tournaments

Casinos have held tournaments and raffles with valuable prizes since the first years of active gambling business development. Such events are a handy advertising trick, a powerful tool to attract new customers, and an effective way to keep regular players.

Gambling operators offer tournaments on roulette, video slots, blackjack, different types of poker, and other games. In the past, fans of such events attended land-based casinos, and since the late 90s of the 20th century, they can challenge other players at online casinos.

Online Tournaments VS. Offline Tournaments

The discussion of the pros and cons of online and offline tournaments takes place at the same level as comparing the pros and cons of the two types of casinos. In this section, we are talking about events on gambling sites, so let's focus on their advantages.

Wide choice

Most online casinos hold tournaments of different types.

Lots of free tournaments

No entry fee tournaments are standard in modern online gambling.

Simple rules

Online casinos hold tournaments according to basic rules, often even without registration.

High speed

Many contests are held in an accelerated mode. Sometimes, it may take a few minutes to participate.

Various prizes

Online casino tournaments allow you to win cash, valuable gifts, and other prizes.

We should also add that participation in online tournaments is not associated with transport and other side costs.

Classification of casino tournaments

Classification of Casino Tournaments

The following parameters can classify tournaments:

  • Games – What games are available?
  • The principle of determining the winner – by the maximum payout, the sum wagered, the number of points, and so on;
  • Scale - within one casino, in all casinos of one operator, on all models of a particular game regardless of the casino;
  • Structure – in one or more stages;
  • Frequency – one-time or ongoing activities;
  • Prize Fund - types of rewards for winners;
  • Paid or free membership.

Before applying for the tournament, ensure it meets all your criteria.

Prizes in Casino Tournaments

Regardless of the game, the prize pool may consist of different units:

  • Real money is money the winner can immediately dispose of at his discretion. They can be quickly withdrawn or staked in other games.
  • Bonuses must be played through before withdrawing. These are like bonuses. Usually, wagering requirements are not too strict.
  • Comp points are loyalty program points awarded to customers in the actual game mode. They are added to the total bill. The client can exchange them for cash or spend them differently, as the rules suggest.
  • Free spins are a certain number of complimentary spins on video slots.
  • Valuable prizes can be electronic devices, laptops, cars, and other expensive goods can also be prizes in online casino tournaments.
  • Lottery tickets are the opportunity to participate in the prize draw.

Sometimes the prize pool consists of different types of rewards for the winners.

Slot Tournament Rules

Currently, slot tournaments are the most popular events in online gambling.

They are held on particular video slots. Make sure you check out the terms in each case.

In the past, slot tournaments with an entry fee were pretty famous. The player was provided with a certain amount of credits. The winner was picked according to the total amount of payments. Additional purchases were often allowed.

Currently, online casinos hold free tournaments on slots that do not require the players to sign up. You need only to play for money on the slots involved in the event during the specified period. All payments are transferred to your balance, but your achievements also go into the overall standings, which the winners determined. The prize fund is usually made up of the casino loyalty program's comp points.

Slot tournaments can also be held with unique rules designed by the casino management. Therefore, make sure you carefully study them before applying.

Video Poker Tournament Rules

Most video poker tournaments are held on time or by the number of rounds played. The winner is usually the one who wins the maximum amount during the event.

According to statistics, video poker tournaments are usually won by those who collect a Royal Flush or at least a Straight Flush. You should strive to get the maximum combination by playing at the maximum coin bet.

Do not forget about the best video poker designed for all popular varieties. Before the tournament begins, review the expert tips, and print a cheat sheet with directions for drawing all possible hands. Don't just rely on luck.

Roulette Tournament Rules

Most often, participants of roulette tournaments receive chips of a certain amount. They can make bets as they want, choosing their strategy. External and internal bets are allowed, but minimum and maximum limits may apply.

Often roulette tournaments are held in several stages. Players with the least amount of tokens are eliminated on each of them. The winner is the one who stays in the game the longest.

Poker Tournament Rules

When it comes to poker tournaments, it usually means Texas Hold'em, Omaha, or other types of poker where customers play against each other, and the casino acts only as an organizer. Such events are not discussed on the pages of Casinoz.

We are focused on gambling against the casino. In the case of poker, we are interested in such models as Caribbean Stud, Oasis Poker, Casino Hold'em, 3-Card Poker, and other varieties of this type.

Online casinos rarely settle tournaments on these types of poker. If you meet such an event, most likely, the winner will be determined by the number of payments during a specific period or the maximum combination.

Blackjack Tournament Rules

A typical casino blackjack tournament consists of a series of rounds. Players either receive tournament credits or play with their own money. Several hands play at each stage. At the end of the game, participants with the lowest current bankroll are eliminated.

Additional terms may apply to the final table of the blackjack tournament. They may concern, for example, with betting limits.

Most blackjack tournaments are held for money. The prize fund is made up of the entrance fees of the participants minus the cost. Regarding a free tournament, winners usually receive loyalty points or bonus credits that must be won back.

Remember that blackjack is one of the most challenging casino games. If you risk money in the tournament, learn to play according to the basic strategy. Without basic knowledge, you will have a hard time competing with professionals.

Large Tournaments

Periodically, large software developers arrange Grand tournaments on certain casino games of their production. Clients of all online casinos where these games are presented can participate.

An example is the Grand Slam of Slots or slot tournament on the Thunderstruck. They were held in the Microgaming online casinos.

Such events consist of several stages. They draw large amounts of money and valuable prizes. They always involve a participation fee.

This format is not as popular as in past years, but software producers and gambling operators come back to it from time to time.

Strategy for Playing in Casino Tournaments in 2024

Recommendations depend on multiple factors: the type of gambling, winner requirements, time, etc.

Strategy playing at casino tournament

General tips are as follows:

  • Choose tournaments on familiar games or those which don't require particular knowledge and skills.
  • Carefully study the tournament T&C. Make sure that it suits you and that you can meet all the requirements.
  • If you play for real money, don't go beyond your comfortable range of bets.
  • Neglect the optimal game strategy for winning the tournament only in extreme cases.
  • Follow the achievements of your opponents, if possible. Based on the results of your opponents, adjust your actions. Sometimes you need to take a risk at the final stage, and sometimes it is enough to keep the current position in the table of winners.

The thematic articles at Casinoz about the strategy of playing at casino tournaments cover all nuances that should be taken into account in some instances.

Casino Tournament Reviews on Casinoz

Tournament announcements are published at the Casinoz forum and in the news section. This section covers events that are held regularly in popular online casinos.

The structure of the reviews depends on the genre and other features of the tournament, but all articles cover the main aspects.

  • General description – games and casinos participating in the tournament;
  • Time – time and date of the event;
  • Registration to the tournament – how to apply;
  • Prize Fund – what is drawn in the tournament, how the rewards are distributed;
  • Determining the winners – winners requirements;
  • Other terms – additional terms, restrictions, and other information.

Users are welcome to write reviews, share their experiences participating in tournaments, and share their impressions with other readers in the comments.

How to Choose a Gambling Tournament in 2024

When choosing a tournament, give yourself answers to the following questions:

  • What games are you interested in?
  • Are you ready to pay for participation?
  • What is the format of the tournament for you?
  • What would you like to win: money, bonuses, free spins, or prizes?
  • How much time can you allocate to participate in the tournament?
  • How much money are you willing to pay for the contest?

Having determined the goals, objectives and personal preferences, study the tournament reviews published on this page. Pay attention to the rating. Read customer feedback.

When choosing a suitable event, go to the casino's website, carefully study the rules, and get down to business.


Casino tournaments are inspiring events that bring variety to the gameplay, cause a surge of adrenaline, and sometimes allow competition for substantial prizes.

In online casinos, it is easy to find a tournament for your favorite game. Are you good at blackjack? Challenge other professionals. Are you lucky at roulette? Forward in battle! Are you crazy about modern slots? You will find a massive selection of slot tournaments.

Online casino tournament reviews in the thematic category on Casinoz will help you choose the most exciting event and applicable terms in 2024. Read articles, study expert recommendations – and let the fortune favor you!

Frequently asked Questions

🏆 Do online casinos organize tournaments in 2024?

Many internet casinos hold tournaments, lotteries, missions, and other events. At the same time, some gambling websites do not offer such options. 

🎰 What games do internet casinos hold tournaments on?

Slot tournaments are the most common and popular type of these events.

🍬 What tournaments are the most popular at online casinos?

Casino players prefer free tournaments. It means they do not have to pay to participate in the contest.

💲What can I win in a casino tournament?

There can be various prizes, such as money, bonus credits, free spins, comp points, etc.

📘 How can I find the best online casino tournaments?

Go to the Tournaments section of Casinoz. There, you will find detailed reviews of the most profitable events in the gambling industry.