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Look at European roulette (Casinoz strongly discourages readers from playing the American version) from the house-edge perspective. You will see the wide variety of bets gives a player equal chances of winning. While playing other games with stakes that promise big payouts is usually extremely unprofitable, it is not typical for roulette.

This allows participating in online roulette tournaments wisely, correcting the strategy depending on the gaming situation.

  • On the one hand, you can place bets on red/black and win at 1:1.
  • On the other, betting on a single number can win 35:1.

Concepts of the cautious and aggressive game in tournaments fade at online roulette, as each participant can make multiple bets at once.

First, we will recommend Casinoz readers quality online roulette games.

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Strategy Tips on Roulette Tournaments

We offer you the following strategy that allows you at least to survive till the end of the tournament.

The idea is to use the main part of the bankroll for the bets suggesting small payouts. Even a low bet on a single number or split will bring good profit if you're lucky.

To make it easier to understand, let's consider this example.

  1. Let's say you start at 1000 coins.
  2. You should first estimate the number of spins (drawings) you can participate in.
  3. Based on this, distribute your bankroll evenly.
  4. Let's assume you have time to play 25 spins.
  5. Therefore, you have to bet about 40 coins on each of them.
  6. You should bet 30-35 on red/black or odd/even numbers and the rest – on splits (bets on two numbers) that are paid 17:1.

If the situation develops favorably for you, you can stick with such tactics till the end of the tournament.

You should play more aggressively if you are treading water or gradually losing.

Increasing the number of bets on splits or replacing splits with single numbers may help.

roulette tournament

More Tips for Roulette Tournament Participants

In conclusion, we would like to offer some practical tips from pro players. Hopefully, they will help you avoid mistakes and improve your chances of winning.

  • Collect information. Before you apply for a tournament, make everything clear. Time, prize fund, number of winners, and general rules are a short list of things to know. Ensure you read the T&C on the casino's website and contact customer service.
  • Be realistic about your odds of winning. Try to find out how many players have already applied for the tournament. Studying the T&C, sort out if the high rollers have any preferences. Think if you can compete with them.
  • Weigh all the pros and cons. Are the prizes high enough? How impressive is the prize fund in general? Is this tournament worth wasting time, energy, and money on? Give yourself honest answers to these questions.
  • Be aware of the time difference. Don't forget to check the time zone of the tournament. This silly mistake has failed many roulette tournament fans.
  • Check your schedule. This is especially true for the participants of multi-stage tournaments. Can you find free time for all the rounds?
  • Watch out for the opponents. If you have an opportunity to follow the leaders' results, use it. You can go all-in at the last moment if you see no other way to win. If you're holding on to a prize place, it makes sense to stick with the chosen strategy and buy time. This is especially appropriate when other players are behind.
  • Remember about problem gambling. Control yourself. Don't try to go all in ahead of time. Don't raise bets unless you have to. In other words, control your emotions even in critical moments. 

We hope advice from roulette professionals will help you win in the tournaments.

Possible Difficulties in Roulette Tournaments

During a roulette tournament, you may encounter certain reefs that will spoil your impression of the event or prevent you from participating. We highly recommend studying the T&C and checking out all the nuances. Do not hesitate to contact the club's customer service before applying.

You may face the following problems:

  • Restrictions for the residents of some countries.
  • Ban on participating in several tournaments simultaneously.
  • Wager requirements for prize payouts, etc.

Be mindful.

Where Can You Play in Roulette Tournaments?

Many online casinos hold roulette tournaments. It can be regular events or sorts of anniversary or holiday tournaments.

We recommend you choose only honest and trusted online casinos.

Here are some reputable clubs.

Casino Jurisdictions Editors rating
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Play T&C applies, 18+

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Some players succeed in tournaments, making high straight-up bets. You can guess one single number and become an absolute leader due to the payout size. On the other hand, if fortune doesn't favor you, you can get eliminated from the tournament in a few minutes.

As we have already said, roulette bets feature the same house edge, so many strategy options exist for such tournaments.

Frequently asked Questions

🏆 How often do online casinos hold roulette tournaments?

Unfortunately for the fans of this game, online roulette tournaments are not as widespread as slot tournaments. Nevertheless, some gambling operators hold such events.

🍀 Is it real to win in a roulette tournament?

Absolutely. Find practical advice in the article. Build your strategy and stick with it for the duration of the event.

💎 What can I win in roulette tournaments?

It can be money, bonus credits, comp points, and other prizes.

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