Richard Marcus on the background of the Taj Mahal Casino

No article or television program about modern methods of cheating in a casino or outstanding cheaters of the last decades is complete without mentioning Richard Marcus. This name has already become a common noun. He is almost a hero in the eyes of gamblers, not burdened by high moral principles.

Richard Marcus Biography

Marcus is very talented. To prove it, it's enough to recall his innovations in this field, which brought a lot of money to his team and have been adopted by hundreds of less-known speculators.

But the main achievement was the decision of Richard to take gamblers into the ranks of writers and experts on casino security. If he did not do this, he probably would have long been in jail and would not have been such a famous and wealthy man, interviewed by various editions.

Let's focus on the career of Marcus.


Richard was born in New York but spent his childhood in New Jersey. From his school years, he had an interest in gambling. He got his first skills by playing baseball cards and pocket money with his classmates. Later, he and his friends mastered the bones they played in the school cafe.

Marcus recalled that his childhood was perfect for the future of tricksters, but he insisted that this idea never came to his young head in those years. But everyday life did not suit him.

Las Vegas

Richard decided that the dull life of an average American did not suit him and went to Las Vegas. There, he became an outstanding player trying to make a living with his skills, but not consistently well.

He won much rarer than he lost, so Marcus decided to get a job at a casino and became a dealer at the blackjack table and baccarat.

First Steps in Cheating

Perhaps, Richard would continue his career as a casino employee (it causes us serious doubts!) if he had not met Joe Classon, an experienced gambler successfully hunting in American casinos. When he came to the casino, and Richard started to deal the cards, he offered Marcus to become his partner.

Realizing how much risk it took, Richard agreed, and Joe started to teach him the ropes.

Marcus first loaded the decks when Joe played at his table. Later, he left his job at the casino and started to perform various secondary tasks in the operations team. But gradually, his role became crucial. Moreover, he began to push improvement suggestions.

Richard Marcus shows the roulette trick

Savannah Trick

One time, Marcus sat in a strip bar. He watched one of the girls dancing and reflected on new tricks.

Suddenly it dawned on him how to fool dealers using a small stack of chips to cover one big chip. This technique later brought them millions and was called Savannah - in the dancer's name.

We described it in detail in another article on Casinoz, so we will not repeat the story.

This method was not only in the arsenal of Richard Marcus and his new team, which included Pat Melleri and Bolles Abramovitz, but it was the most successful and profitable. It is difficult to say how much they managed to win in Savannah, but the amount is millions.

Changing the Job

Even such a genius as Richard Marcus could no eternally lead the powerful casino security system by the nose. He knew it might be the end if he continued in the same spirit. Clouds were gathering above Richard, and he left their craft.

However, it would not be very smart to throw it all away. Marcus decided to become a writer and published several books where he shared his knowledge with readers.

  • In American Roulette, he talked about his career.
  • In Dirty Poker, he revealed the secrets of cheating at the poker table.
  • In The World's Greatest Gambling, he told about many other cheats in the casinos.

All books of Marcus are trendy and sold in many countries, allowing him not to worry about financial stability. Besides, Richard periodically acts as a casino safety advisor.

Who Is Richard Marcus?

The personality of Richard Marcus can be treated differently. He may be just a cheater, even very successful. And it is hard to believe in his memoirs. He realized quickly that he could earn good money without risking his freedom. So we do not suggest cheering Marcus (especially trying to repeat his way), but his talent deserves respect.

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