FrenchRoulette Review

French Roulette is the best of classic variations of this casino game. We can't be more happy about it as many gambling providers have it in the libraries.

Check out French Roulette by Red Rake Gaming in the following review. It features classic rules along with convenient and functional controls that let us recommend it to the readers of

9.15 /10
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How to Play FrenchRoulette (RedRake)

French Roulette by Red Rake Gaming features classic rules, carefully described in one of our articles.

The goal of the game is to guess a number the roulette ball stands on and place proper bets.

This game accepts the entire variety of bets typical for this variation.

  • Inside bets on 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 numbers.
  • Outside bets on columns, dozens, color, odd/even, low/high.
  • Call bets on neighbors and sectors.

Let's discuss the third option:

  1. Neighbours – a bet on a number and a few neighbor numbers on the track;
  2. Tiers – on numbers from 27 to 33 along the roulette track;
  3. Orphelins – on numbers from 6 to 17 and 1 to 9;
  4. Voisins Du Zero – on numbers from 22 to 25;
  5. Zero – on numbers from 12 to 15.

All types of roulette bets are discussed on our website.

Be aware that some of the bets are printed in French on the cloth.

As a reminder, even-money bets lose when the roulette hits zero. However, French Roulette features La Partage rule, which means the player gets half of his money back.

  • Manque – low numbers;
  • Passe – high numbers;
  • Pair – even numbers;
  • Impair – odd numbers.

The player should choose the chip value, place them on the table and click the 'Play' button. Then the dealer launches the roulette until it hits a winning number. After that, all losing bets are removed from the table and payouts are made. Here the round ends.

This French Roulette pays standard odds. A gamble feature is not suggested.

This game features a classic color scheme: green cloth, red and black numbers. The roulette track is made of wood with golden elements. Relaxing music is playing during the game. The dealer comments on the actions.

FrenchRoulette Interface

You will see numerous controls supposed to help you feel comfortable.

Bottom screen:

  • Bet – place the bets;
  • Preset Bets – make betting presets;
  • Spin – launch the roulette;
  • Auto Spin – enable the autoplay;
  • Undo – cancel the latest action;
  • Clear – remove chips from the table;
  • Double – double the bets;
  • Rebet and Spin – repeat the bets and play.

Many of those controls only get active when they can be used.

Find information about the actual bet, balance and wins at the top left. You can switch the modes and get to the paytable above.

Controls at the right:

  • Latest Numbers – all latest numbers;
  • Hot and Cold Numbers – hot and cold numbers;
  • Red/Black – latest red and black numbers;
  • Odd/Even – latest odd and even numbers;
  • Dozen 1/2/3 – latest dozens;
  • Column 1/2/3 – latest columns.

This game is compatible with all popular browsers.

It is powered by HTML5. Casino operators can plug in US dollars, euro and over a hundred of other currencies. Multiple language options are available too.

Mobile Compatibility

French Roulette mobile is a touch-adapted version for smartphones and tablets. It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. No app needed.

The mobile version supports portrait and landscape orientations. Both of them are pretty comfortable, but we prefer the landscape one.

Rules and all features remain the same as in the desktop game.

Should You Play FrenchRoulette for Real Money?

This is a quality and awesome in all means game, which should please the true roulette fans.


  • La Partage;
  • Convenient and functional controls;
  • Realistic design.


  • Too many details.

In conclusion, we would like to remind that you can reach the maximum RTP with outside bets: on red/black, odd/even, etc.

Let's compare return to the player of French Roulette:

  • Even-money bets – 98.6%;
  • Other bets – 97.3%.

Check out our 'Strategies' directory to win more.

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Main info
Type of game Roulette
Manufacturer RedRake
RTP 98.6%
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version Yes
Issue date August 11, 2019
Minimum inner bet 1
Maximum inner bet 100
Maximum external bet 1
Maximum external bet 100
Side bets Yes
Voice bets Yes
Neighbours Yes
Completes No
Finals No
Casino advantage 1.4