Spam in the mailbox

I hardly need to explain to readers of Casinoz what spam is. This phenomenon is known to any Internet user with at least one email address. In this case, we can assume a spam message advertising you received without your consent, even if it came from a resource where you registered.

Spam and Online Casinos

Mail inboxes are a prerequisite for registering at any online casino. At this address, you will receive a letter with information about your account, a confirmation link, and current casino events.

Most respectable casinos let customers decide whether they want to receive information about promotions in the casino.

But some do not allow players to unsubscribe from such mailings. Moreover, most unscrupulous websites may even pass the addresses of their customers to third parties who use them for their purposes—for example, by sending spam advertising of goods and services.

We have already said that almost all spam comes from casinos with bad reputations, but it is not opposed to some reputable resources. Even some of the casinos in the Top 10 by the version Casinoz send advertising promotions to customers who refuse to receive any messages.

Such practices must be stopped. You can protect yourself from spam if you follow our recommendations.

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Have Separate Emails for Every Casino

Make a new mailbox for every online casino you open your account in. Use free email servers. Put the casino name in the address—for example, Please do not give the address to anybody, and do not leave it on other sites.

If this casino sends spam, it will accumulate in a separate box without interfering with your work. You can no longer use this address if you stop playing there. On the other hand, if you get a message from an unknown destination, you will realize that the casino is cheating customers, using their emails for other purposes. And it is a reason to doubt its fairness.

Ignore the Unsubscribe Option

Often in the messages sent by spammers, there is an Unsubscribe button. Never click on it. This will only confirm that the address is valid and regularly used. Do not confirm it; then you will get even more spam.

Submit Complaints

Complaints to internet providers are much more effective. They have clear instructions on how to suppress the activities of spammers. All mail servers can report spam by pressing a single button. Please do not be lazy to do it.

If spam comes not from an online casino, but you know that no one else knows this address, write a letter to the administration. Most likely, it is done by unscrupulous employees.


Connivance in this matter leads to the fact that you get more and more spam. Casinos should understand that you do not put up with it. If a casino is respectable, its administration will do everything to save its clients from negative emotions caused by its activity.

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