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Roulette Pro Review

Wide betting range is the main reason to prefer roulette for many fans of this game. Of course, the producers of the software for online casinos understand it. Specially for such gamblers they release models where they can place not only the most common inside and outside bets, but also can play by neighbors, series, finals and etc.

This kind of online roulette is available in the assortment of gaming production of CTXM company. Its name is «Roulette Pro» and it makes difference to the rest by its high functionality.

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Where to Play Roulette Pro?

Play Free Demo Roulette Pro without registration

Many online casinos powered by CTXM software include «Roulette Pro» into their list of available games. You can play roulette free or by real money in such casinos. We recommend you to visit Adam Eve Casino, although it is not the only reputable online casino powered by the software of this producer.
It is also possible to test this online roulette right at Casinoz even without registration in a training mode.
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Online casino with Roulette Pro

How to Play Roulette Pro (GamesOS)

«Roulette Pro» is the European type of roulette with a wide range of bets, an excellent multi-language interface, numerous settings and an incredible graphics.
The betting range is provided by the administration of an online casino.
Playing on «Roulette Pro» it is possible to bet on field, red/black, odd/even, big/small numbers, dozens and columns. However you can also place the following bets in this game:
  • Voisins de Zero, Tiers, Orphelins and Jeu 0 (Zero Spiel) sectors, which include special groups of numbers at the roulette wheel.
  • On number and its neighbors (five numbers, situated next to each other at the track).
  • Red/Black splits (all splits of red or black numbers).
  • «Black Diamonds» (all black straights and splits).
  • «Red Snake» (all red straights).
  • Finals 1-9 (bets on straights of all numbers finishing with a special number).
If you have no idea about the mentioned above bets, please read special publications about roulette at Casinoz. They would help you become a true expert.
As «Roulette Pro» is the European roulette, it has the standard casino advantage in amount of 2,7%, that is confirmed by the official information provided by the producer.

Roulette Pro Bonus games

Any bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of «Roulette Pro» online roulette.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Roulette Pro».

Roulette Pro Interface

The interface of «Roulette Pro» is the roulette table with an appropriate markup for betting, the control panel with all necessary buttons, the window for the special bets and the table with statistics.
The bets can be places with chips of the following value: 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100 euro. There is also a grey chip with a cross next to the standard. You can clear up the table from bets if you click at it.
There is no sense in explaining functions of different buttons of the control panel, because you can download this roulette in your original language. We can only say that «Roulette Pro» allows to activate automatic spins, save your favorite betting schemes, repeat chips order of the previous round and make a plenty of there actions.
The lovers of statistics should appreciate the special table where statistics data is displayed (last numbers, most frequent and rarest numbers, percentage of odd/even and red/black numbers).
You can learn more about all features of «Roulette Pro» when you test this wonderful roulette personally.

Should You Play Roulette Pro for Real Money?

We hope we have managed to assure you that «Roulette Pro» is one of the best roulettes presented in the modern online casinos. It is an excellent version of European roulette, which allows to place various bets, learn statistics and provides a plenty of other advantages.
Finally, we would like to remind you that roulette can’t be won with help of betting systems, so don't you believe numerous charlatans who sell strategies, software and other production meant to help you win in this game.
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