Phileas Hog Slot Review

If you like Jules Vern and his novel «80 days around the world», you would definitely like this game as well. The main character - Phileas the pig, is a traveller in this game. He wears a top hat, is dressed in style of that old times and looks as an important person in general. At the background you can see a very interesting picture. The same great work was made in the bonus game of Phileas Hog slot machine. For example, you can see the symbols of different places, where the travelers from all around the world wish to go, at the screen.

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Where to Play Phileas Hog slot?

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If you want to make a journey around the world playing Phileas Hog slot machine, you should go to Crazy Vegas online casino.

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How to Play Phileas Hog slot online

Phileas Hog is a slot machine with a great quantity of gaming options, although it is based on a standard classic free online slot machine.

Phileas Hog is provided with lots of interactive options, unusual for the popular pub-slots, which have appeared in this game due to Microgaming company, which specializes on these slots. Pub slots seems to get a new face. You would have to follow the traveller, who goes by steps of the novel by Jules Vern. You can even see the hog at the ball in the bonus game. This slot machine has three reels and five pay lines.

Phileas Hog would give you more control options, than you can have in any other slot machines. Nudge and Hold options are in your disposal, while sometimes nudges appear one after another.

It is possible to make bets in range from ten cents to ten dollars in this game.

Phileas Hog video slot has an incredible quantity of extra options. Nudges would help you to move the reels to the proper position.

Shifta! option moves the reels to the proper position to help you get a prize. However, the most notable part of the game is the bonus game.

Hold option is also worth of your attention, because it provides an opportunity to hold symbols in its positions. You can click at Hold button (which, unfortunately, is not always available, but still quite frequently) when the similar symbols drop out at the same line.

Moreover, there is a Super Hold option, which provides you an opportunity not to just hold the reel, but hold it in a special position, selecting from different ways. The symbols move up and down slowly, while you can decide, when you should click at Hold button.

You can also find random bonuses and mysterious options, marked with question sign. It means that you don't know exactly what you get in this game.

There are different bonus options in the bonus game, such as:

  • Greedy Pig - here you go back to the main screen and the bonus option is triggered, during which you receive one winning after another. You should choose the one you like more than another to get the maximal value.
  • Streaky Bacon - a screen of cash-pot starts from 0,00 and counts random values. Where would it stop? Nobody knows it. You have to use your option to get the maximal value. But please be careful or you can get a wrong result.
  • Jet Set Go! - nine blinking symbols are displayed at the reels. Click at Stop button to receive a winning at which the blinking is finished.
  • Pig Out! - random numbers would appear at the screen. You would have to stop a cash train at the highest value. However, they are not going to move forever, so you should hurry up! The numbers at the reels are summarized and the final amount is multiplied by the bet.
  • Makin’ Bacon - here you go back to the screen with reels, where you can receive a winning.
  • Round the World - you go back to the main interface, where the bonus options with Stop-Skill buttons is triggered. The game goes on at the outside positions of the reels by round. Everything depends on you, wether you click at Stop button or the lights would blink slowly until they finally stop.
  • GlobeTrotter - you go back to the main screen and the bonus option is getting started. Every time the symbol with image of mummy crosses the winning line, you receive a prize.
  • Sniff it Out - you go back to the main screen, where the bonus option is getting started. You need to click at Stop button to receive the desired prize. Try to make it maximally beneficial.
  • Truffle Shuffle - three multipliers are displayed at the screen. Later they would be hidden and change their places. You have to try to get the highest value in this round.

Now you can see that Phileas Hog slot machine is provided with a pretty incredible selection of bonus options. It means that you can test it right now, without registration at the website and play right in a browser. As an alternative, we offer you to download this slot machine free. As soon as you study out all the details of this slot, you can pass the registration and play by the real money. It is better to have some skill to play this video slot, while it has something to teach you.

Phileas Hog Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The gaming symbols, which you can see at the screen of Phileas Hog game, are images of a hog, a balloon, the Earth, luggage of the main character, pocket watches, as well as classic symbols, such as sevens, bars, oranges, lemons and cherries.

Phileas Hog Bonus games

The way to the bonus game of Phileas Hog slot machine is not so easy and you have to be lucky twice to take part in it. To trigger the bonus game, first it is necessary to double up the winning in the gambling feature. In case of lucky attempt, you would see the fortune wheel at the screen and can win money prizes and extra multipliers there.


An amount of the jackpot of Phileas Hog slot machine is 4000 dollars.

Phileas Hog Interface

Talking about the interface of Phileas Hog slot machine, we would like to note the excellent work of illustrators. They have worked on this slot machine splendidly. We can see the monuments of different countries at the background, while everything is perfectly connected in one picture in spite of such a collage. The main character is drawn gently in this game. The style also corresponds to the main theme of the slot, that’s why playing this video slot, which is the result of great affords of the developers, is especially pleasant.

Phileas Hog slot machine is also provided with an excellent animation. Our hog shacks it head, moves its ears, eyebrows and whiskers. The hog in a monocle looks really ridiculous! The symbols, which are situated in the payment table at the right sight of the screen and by the bottom edge, are also animated. The pay line is animated in case of winning as well.

All the important information is presented more than clear. In particularity, you can see all the main options of the game at once, without opening of any additional tabs.

At the left side you would see all possible nudge options, which are available in Phileas Hog video slot, such as Nudge Now, Repeat Nudge, Gamble Nudge, Nudge Bank Held. The first option (nudge now) allows you to move a reel by one cell, moreover, you can see the following symbols, so you should move the cell only when it is necessary, because unused nudges can be collected in the bank (nudge bank held). If you make it, you can use it when it is necessary. But please don't you think that nudges are always at hand. They are activated randomly.

It is also possible to play the nudges out. Gamble Nudge option is created specially for it. When you play in the gambling feature for nudges, you can see how big numbers, which are situated at left of the reels, start lightening up one after another. But please be careful, because there is Lose buttons except of 1, 2, 3, 4 numbers. You just have to click at Stop button here. If you make it while number 1 is lighten up, you win one nudge, if number 2 is lighten up in this modem, you get two nudges and etc. However, if Lose is blinking in this moment, you receive nothing.

At the bottom of the screen you can see + and - butoons, which set up an amount of your bet, as well as «Spin», which starts a new gaming round. Next to it «View Feature» button is situated, which allows to see how the bonus game looks. We should note that that quality of illustrations at the second screen is equal to the first one.

All the rest triggers appear randomly in the bottom. In particularity, you can see grey empty buttons in the bottom, which can turn into Nudges when this option is dropped out to you. To understand should you use it or not, just take a look at the reels and you can see lighten arrows at the top. Click at them one after another to see the following symbols at the reels. It would help you to take a decision, should you use these options or not.

Moreover, Hold capture can appear at the empty buttons of the game. This option holds the reels and adds some attraction to the slot machine. You can hold one or several reels to get a winning combination of symbols. When the reel is held you can see a corresponding capture at it.

Should You Play Phileas Hog Slot for Real Money?

Phileas Hog slot machine would let you not only to have a great rest, but also provide you with an opportunity to win good prizes. The bonus game, which is full of surprises and can offer lost of interesting and attractive features is especially useful in this sense. If you want to get lots of positive of the gambling game, it is hard to find better game than Phileas Hog video slot.

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