Oasis Poker Professional Series Review

An article about oasis poker doesn't require long introductions. This game is well-known to most of the fans of gambling entertainments. Its online versions can be found in the assortments of all large software producers. So, here comes another model…

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Where to Play Oasis Poker Professional Series?

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We advice you to pay attention on Unibet Casino Red if you are not familiar with this wonderful house yet. Numerous games produced by Net Entertainment, including «Oasis Poker Professional Series», are presented there. Almost all models are available for playing as by the real money, as by the virtual bets. Most of the games can be launched even without registration in a training mode (as well as at Casinoz).

Online casino with Oasis Poker Professional Series

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How to Play Oasis Poker Professional Series (NetEnt)

«Oasis Poker Pro» is a free online oasis poker which card exchange produced by Net Entertainment company.
Playing «Oasis Poker Professional Series» it is necessary to make a stronger combination than the dealer has or win on no minimal game in dealer’s hand.
The standard deck of fifty two cards with no jokers is used in this game. The croupier shuffles all cards before every deal.
The standard poker combinations from ace and king to royal flush play in «Oasis Poker Professional Series». The suits do not differ by seniority. Hands with same combinations are compared by the traditional principals.
The range of bets at each of three tables available in «Oasis Poker Professional Series» is different: Low Roller - from ten cents to five euro, Standard - from one to forty euro and High Roller - from twenty five to five hundred euro.
The rules of «Oasis Poker Professional Series» are classic. They are carefully explained in the special article of Casinoz. Now we would describe the gameplay superficially only and pay more attention exactly to v «Oasis Poker Professional Series» model developed by Net Entertainment.
The producer announces that it is possible to reduce casino advantage up to 1,04% (98,96% payback) playing «Oasis Poker Professional Series» by the optimal strategy.
The player places ante and receives five cards. The dealer deals five cards to himself, but he opens only one of them. The client weights the cars and takes one of the following decisions:
  • Finish the game, fold cards and lose ante.
  • Change from one to five cards. Exchange is paid here: one to five cards cost one ante, two or four cards - two ante, three cards - three ante. If the customer changes five cards, he has to make confirmation.
  • Continue the game and place bet in amount of two ante on call. Then the dealer opens his cards.
As soon as the player places confirmation, the dealer checks his cards on game. In case he has no minimal combination, client’s ante is paid 1:1 and the round is over.
In case the deal has a combination, he compares his cards and cards of the customer. If the player wins, his ante is paid 1:1 and bet - by the special index provided for his combination (you can find it in the table). If the customer loses, he loses both bets.

Oasis Poker Professional Series Bonus games

Any bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of «Oasis Poker Professional Series».


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Oasis Poker Professional Series».

Oasis Poker Professional Series Interface

Perhaps, we have tested all online games produced by Net Entertainment company, and we can surely say that all of them were created with a great care about the customers. So, «Oasis Poker Professional Series» is also provided with the convenient interface, all necessary settings and the pleasant graphics.
Just in case, we would like to explain functions of different buttons of the control panel shortly:
  • New Bet – place a new bet.
  • Rebet – repeat the bet.
  • Deal – deal the cards.
  • Call – place confirmation.
  • Fold – fold the cards.
  • Draw – change the cards.
  • Draw and Call – change five cards and place confirmation.
When you pick cards for draw, chips which you have to pay for this operation automatically appear at the Draw Cost field.
There is also the informational line under the control panel. The user’s settings allow to switch off the sound and set up speed of the game. Click at the question mark opens the informational section.

Should You Play Oasis Poker Professional Series for Real Money?

«Oasis Poker Professional Series» is the excellent online version of oasis poker, which would definitely suit the tastes of most of the fans of this game.
We suggest you to read recommendations by the basic strategy of oasis poker in the special article published at our website.
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