Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack Review

The range of online gambling games developed by Microgaming has a great version of blackjack with bonuses, which is called Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack. First of all, it surprises customers with the presence of numerous design variants, from which the user can choose the one he or she likes the most. The rules are very loyal to the player, so Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack is certainly worth being tested personally by every fan of blackjack.

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Where to Play Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack?

Play Free Demo Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack without registration

We recommend that you should test Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack at Crazy Vegas Casino, where this game is available in both regular and free modes. You can run blackjack without registration for fun directly on the portal Casinoz.

Online casino with Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack

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How to Play Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack (Microgaming)

Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack is a free online blackjack with bonus payouts. Users can wager on one-five hands. Two standard 52-card decks without jokers are used in this game. The cards are shuffled before each new deal.
This is an American version of this game in which the croupier deals two cards to himself at once revealing one of them. If it is a ten or an ace, he takes a look at the second card to check for blackjack.
It is allowed to wager up to two hundred dollars (up to twenty-five dollars for the bonus) per hand at Crazy Vegas Casino.
We are not going to discuss the rules for blackjack in detail. We will focus only on the basic aspects of Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack:

  • The dealer hits on a soft 17 and stands on a hard 17.
  • It is allowed to double on any two cards (including, after a split).
  • It is allowed to make a split three times till the formation of four hands on the box.
  • It is allowed to split aces only once and one card is added to each of them.
  • An ace and a ten in the hand formed after a split are not considered to be blackjack.
  • It is possible to split the cards of the different ranks but the same value.
  • It is prohibited to surrender.
  • Insurance against blackjack is provided if the dealer has a face up ace.

Payouts in Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack are traditional:

  • Ordinary winning hand - 1:1
  • Blackjack - 3:2
  • Insurance - 2:1

Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack Bonus games

In Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack users can make side bets on specific fields. They are allowed only in conjunction with the basic bet, but they may win separately. Payouts for them are made if the player has the following first two cards (indicated with multipliers):

  • Any two cards of the same suit - 5:2
  • Ace and jack of the same suit- 25:1
  • Ace and jack of spades - 50:1


Progressive jackpots are not provided in Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack.

Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack Interface

As mentioned above, when you open Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack for the first time, you can select one of the available types of the design with which the game will be run afterwards. It is possible to change it at any time.
There is no sense in discussing the control panel. Fans of blackjack have already mastered all the basic terms. However some other elements should be explained.

  • Table Rules allows opening the rules for this game
  • Autoplay activates automatic mode
  • Strategy is used to open the optimal table strategy
  • Change Table is used to change the design of the table
  • Options includes user settings

There is a line under the panel, which provides advices regarding the basic strategy.
In Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack there are many settings that are related to the gameplay, design of the cards, sound and other aspects.
The button Autoplay and strategy tables appear only in expert mode. They have their own settings and can be modified.

Should You Play Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack for Real Money?

Multi-hand Premier Bonus Blackjack is an amazing online blackjack, which will be interesting to any fan of American rules. The main advantages of this model include an excellent design, various options and convenient interface.

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