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Random Logic company offers the customers of online casinos powered by the software developed by this producer an unusual version of poker named «Choose ‘Em Poker». This game is quite exciting, although it has really simple rules which can be learnt in a few seconds. Our review would help you making it.

8.36 /10
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Where to Play Choose ‘Em Poker?

Play Free Demo Choose ‘Em Poker without registration

«Choose ‘Em Poker» is available to the customers of 888 Casino. They can play poker both by virtual or real bets. It is possible to open an account just in a couple of minutes here. It is the necessary condition, because pokers, slots and other gambling entertainments are unavailable without registration in this gambling house.

Online casino with Choose ‘Em Poker

How to Play Choose ‘Em Poker (Dragonfish)

«Choose ‘Em Poker» is a free online video poker with one standard deck of fifty two cards with no jokers. All cards are shuffled before each deal.
The aim of the game is to guess which of two hands contains a stronger combination. Herewith, the player can only see cards in one hand. So there is no dealer in «Choose ‘Em Poker» game.
The standard poker combinations from the highest card to royal flush play in «Choose ‘Em Poker». Amounts of potential payoffs by both hands are displayed in the special windows next to them. They depend on value of the combination in the open hand and an amount of the bet.
First the player sets up an amount of the bet. After it cards are deal on two boxes. They are revealed on the top box and laying face-down on the bottom. The player weights cards value and picks the hand which he expects to win.
Then the cards on the face-down hand are revealed and combinations are compared. If the player has guessed successfully, he can collect the payoff provided to him or leave it in the game. In the second case cards of the winning box remain in the game and new cards are dealt instead of the lost hand. Revealed cards are always situated at the top.
Then the player has to choose one of the boxes once again. This process continues until the user loses or collects the win.

Choose ‘Em Poker Bonus games

Any bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of this version of online poker.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Choose ‘Em Poker» online poker.

Choose ‘Em Poker Interface

Well, here we would explain functions of different elements of the interface of «Choose ‘Em Poker» poker in a couple of words:
  • Play – start a new deal.
  • Stake – set up an amount of the bet.
  • Collect – collect the win.
  • To Win – choose one of two hands.
  • Pays – an amount of potential payoff by picked combination.
  • Poker Hands – compare combinations in both hands.
  • Draw Speed (Turbo/Normal/Suspense) – speed of the game (turbo/normal/suspense).
  • Cashpot – an amount of the payoff received during the round.
The informational line is situated above the cards in the top part of the screen. It is possible to switch off the sound in «Choose ‘Em Poker».

Should You Play Choose ‘Em Poker for Real Money?

«Choose ‘Em Poker» makes difference to the rest versions of online poker by its unusual gameplay, the way of charging payoffs and some other points. The only decision the gambler has to take before he places the bet is about one of two boxes which he expects to win.
Of course, higher the combination in this hand, lower the payoff multiplier is and higher by the second box. So «Choose ‘Em Poker» has an element of strategy, which we would talk about in one of the future publications at Casinoz.
Unfortunately, we don't have any information about the theoretical payback index of «Choose ‘Em Poker» online poker.
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