Caribbean Hold'em Review

Many users of online casinos are not indifferent to Texas hold’em. As you may know, this variety of poker originally supposed playing against other gamblers. However the software developers are released models, where the customer’s opponent is the house represented by the virtual dealer, already for a long time. Active decisions are taken only by the player here, while the croupier acts strictly by the rules.

One of such online gambling games is Caribbean Hold’em developed by Habanero. All its features are carefully described in the following review by Casinoz.

9.25 /10
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Where to Play Caribbean Hold'em?

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It is possible to test Caribbean Hold’em free directly at our website. We also recommend you to watch a video review of this game.
You can place real bets at the online casinos powered by Habanero software. Experts opinions and responses of customers are supposed to help you choosing the best gambling portal.
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Online casino with Caribbean Hold'em

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How to Play Caribbean Hold'em (Habanero)

Caribbean Hold’em is played with a standard deck of fifty two cards without joker, necessarily shuffled before each deal.
Aim of the game is to get a higher score than the dealer does by making a stronger combination. It is possible to use any five of two pocket and five community card. The dealer makes his hand by the same rules.
The game goes on one box only. Ante might vary from ten to one thousand credits. If you don't fold your hand, you need to call in amount of two ante.
Caribbean Hold’em offers standard poker combinations from the highest card to royal flush. Card suits make no sense. An ace can be used in straight А, 2, 3, 4, 5.
It should be easier to understand the rules step by step.
First you need to place ante using chips of selected value. Then you and the croupier receive by two cards. You can only see your hand. Three face-up community cards are dealt to the center of the table.
Then you need to make a decision:
  1. Fold and lose the bet;
  2. Keep playing and call at the proper field.
In the first case the round is over. If you remain in the game, the dealer deals two more community cards. 
After that the dealer reveals his hand and checks for the minimal combination, which is a pair of fours. Any five cards of seven available to the croupier are taken in account. If he has no game, customer’s ante is paid 1:1 and call is returned.
If the dealer has a combination, it is compared with the gambler’s hand. If the customer loses, both best go to the casino. In case the user wins, his call is paid 1:1, while wins by ante are calculated by the following multipliers, depending on the poker combination:
  • Highest card – 1:1;
  • One Pair – 1:1;
  • Tow Pairs – 1:1;
  • Tris – 1:1;
  • Straight – 1:1;
  • Flush – 2:1;
  • Full House – 3:1;
  • Four of a Kind – 10:1;
  • Straight Flush – 20:1;
  • Royal Flush – 100:1.
Draw game is possible. In this case both parties break even.

Caribbean Hold'em Bonus games

Any prize payouts or extra bonuses are not provided by the rules of Caribbean Hold’em.


Caribbean Hold’em doesn't offer a progressive jackpot by Habanero.

Caribbean Hold'em Interface

Caribbean Hold’em supports multiply languages, that’s why there is no need to explain titles at the control panel.
To select the bet, you need to set up the coin value and click at the proper field at the table.
Buttons show only when they can be used in the game. It is possible to repeat the bet, clear the field from chips and select a new amount.
Except the pay table with multipliers by ante, you can use Help with detailed description of all stages of the gameplay and features.
It is possible to set up size of the screen and sound parameters. You won’t download this video poker, because it is available in a browser.

Video game review Caribbean Hold'em

Should You Play Caribbean Hold'em for Real Money?

This is an interesting model for the fans of hold’em casino. It stands against the rest by the lovely design, the convenient control panel, quite beneficial rules, not bad payoff multipliers and the wide betting range.
The basis of poker strategy is explained in the thematic articles at Casinoz.
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