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In earlier articles on Casinoz, we often explained what you should look for when choosing an online casino. We teach readers how to avoid cheating and choose bonuses and tournaments. Furthermore, we offer a free training course to all registered users. It gives short answers to all the most frequent questions beginners ask.

This piece will give you a few more tips for casino newbies. If you are familiar with the contents of Casinoz, you may feel that we repeat some points. But it is unlikely that everyone can boast that they thoroughly studied all articles on our website.

So what should you do before you make your first deposit in an online casino?

Read the Terms and Conditions

This is the first thing to do in a new casino. Do not open your mouth in amazement, looking at the incredible bonuses or a vast range of games; read and UNDERSTAND all points of the rules. They are continuously published on the official website of the casino. In the English version, they are called Terms and Conditions.

Typically, these are general rules regarding specific aspects (e.g., receiving and wagering or participating in tournaments). You need to examine all the rules published on the casino site. If you do not understand any paragraph, do not be afraid to ask for an explanation of the support service.

If the rules are blurry or the English version has many errors, if support does not want to or can not give you an explanation - look for another casino. What if the rules of online casinos do not say probably too?

And another comic wisdom with a fair amount of truth is:

The smaller the font of the rules, the more carefully you need to read this passage.

Now let's discuss some of the issues that many beginners do not consider or misunderstand.

Claim Profitable Bonuses Only

Casino bonuses are not only used as a stunt but also quite aggressively offered. You must understand that not all rewards are advantageous for a player. Instead, almost all of them are unprofitable if we consider wagering conditions. So feel free to give them up if you do not need them. Remember that bonus conditions may be different for players in other countries.

If you got a bonus before the wagering, do not bet in games where it is impossible to clear the bonus. Some casinos do not count those bets in the wager, while others immediately void your bonus or even treat you as a cheater (with all the consequences).

Please read the articles on Casinoz dedicated to bonuses, their wagering requirements, and so on. The valuable information on this topic is also in the FAQ. You should understand all terms and conventions.

Ensure You May Play at the Casino

Many online casinos do not allow to bet on real money or even refuse to serve the residents of the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Eastern Europe, Canada, Denmark, and so on. There may be a situation when you make a deposit and only get problems. U.S. citizens should be careful because some casinos allow them to play but do not pay the prize.

If your age is from eighteen to twenty-one, scroll to the rules, which refer to the age of players. If there is no precise age statement, contact support for an explanation.

Check the Banking Rules

Before playing in the casino, beginners should read the rules of gaming accounts and withdrawing funds.

First, you need to specify the currency you can play in. The casino accepts deposits in ten different currencies, but this does not mean that all of them are good for you. For example, if you live in Russia, you are unlikely to make British pounds deposits. You can ask support about the exact rules if you replenish the account, not in dollars, euros, or your country's currency.

Usually, casinos set the maximum amount for withdrawal in a week or month. Make sure that you are satisfied with these restrictions. After all, if you play at big bets, you unlikely want to play on less than two or three thousand dollars a week.

Some casinos do not allow you to withdraw money until you make another deposit. In this way, they make you play until you lose at least some funds. Of course, it is better to refuse the services of such a casino.

Find out what documents you need to provide to withdraw winning for the first time. Usually, this is a copy you want may want to send by fax. This procedure can be pretty complicated, but do not hurry to get upset. Such measures apply only to newcomers to the casino.

Do Not Forget about Safety

Keep registration data confidential. Create a separate e-mail address for every casino you play in. This will save your primary mailboxes from spam, and you will probably know if some casino gave your address to third parties.

Try not to play on other people's computers (especially those used by many people). Casinos can not ensure the security of your data and finances if you do not do everything you need.

Do Not Play at Unreliable Casinos for Real Money

Detecting fraudulent casinos may seem complicated for beginners. Still, it is better to be guided by a single principle: if you have any doubt - look for another casino. We described in detail how to identify fraudulent casinos, so we will only briefly repeat the tips:

  • Data on the founders and casino licensing authorities must be available on the website. There should also be a link to the site authority which issued the permit documentation.
  • The software that runs the casino should be by a more or less known manufacturer.
  • Casino operations should be controlled by the authority which issued the license and independent auditors (TST, eCOGRA, and others).
  • Read reviews about casinos in trustful publications. If you find it difficult to choose, pay attention to those in the top ten casinos among the readers of Casinoz.

We hope these recommendations will help you avoid the common mistakes of beginners. And remember, you do not need to get training in the casino, but you must clarify obscure points of the rules from support staff. Otherwise, this casino is neither reliable nor respectable.

Frequently asked Questions

👌 Is it difficult to register at an online casino?

The registration procedure can be different on various gambling websites. In some casinos, it is effortless and quick. Others require customers to fill out lengthy forms. 

📃 Should I read the casino terms and conditions?

You must read the T&C if you are going to sign up and play for money. Moreover, you must read the rules very carefully. It will help you avoid mistakes and problems.

😏 How can I check whether the casino is fair?

Check the casino's license on the gambling regulator's official website. Look for seals of approval from famous gambling media. Certificates from independent auditors are a good sign too. On Casinoz, you will find unbiased reviews of all significant internet casinos.

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