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A bet per line means the amount a player bets on a single active line. Players usually bet on multiple lines simultaneously when playing on modern slots, and almost all online casino customers actively use this opportunity by choosing all of them. As a result, the total bet in the game made on spin usually varies by changing a bet on the line and not the number of lines.

  • Many players prefer to bet following a specific pattern. It does not have to be any particular system.
  • Some divide their bankroll and playing time into separate segments to match them.

So they calculate the approximate size of a bet per spin they can afford. Then it remains only to divide this amount by the number of lines to figure out how much they should bet per line.

Here many of them face a dilemma: whether to constantly make bets of one size or change them in gameplay?

To answer this question, let's try to explain the possible reasons for changing the bet per line.

Catch the Wave!

Many players change bets in trying to "catch the wave." They believe that good and bad periods come in stripes. They have just got a payout after the successful spin and hope it has been a beginning of a winning streak, so they raise the bet. Anyone slightly familiar with the random number generator understands that such actions are not justified logically.

Each reel spin is entirely independent of previous spins or subsequent ones.

However, this misconception is widespread, and many casino visitors use it for their game style.

Down with the Routine!

Other clients change the bet per line for different motives. They are tired of the same gameplay, so they try diversifying it. Their actions may seem unpractical, but they are not looking for any benefit. Some may increase the bet for every spin, watching with interest what happens next.

In this case, we can say one thing: if the game becomes boring, it may help, but it will not increase the odds of winning.

Betting Systems Again!

Sometimes players try to apply simplified versions of various well-known betting systems to slots. For example, they double the bet after every loss, as the Martingale system recommends. Of course, such a strategy provides no more advantages than using these principles on roulette.

We said many times in various articles on Casinoz why betting systems can not help to win, so we will not stop again on this issue.


There may be many reasons people change the bet per line at online slots, but none can be a reasonable justification to recommend this strategy. Moreover, in some slot machines (for example, with a progressive jackpot), you should always play at the highest bet because it allows you to compete for the grand prize.

Frequently asked Questions

🎰 How do I make bets on slots?

To make a bet, you must choose the number of active lines and the bet per line. In some slot machines, you must also select the number of coins and determine their value. In many video slots, the number of pay lines is fixed. All you need to do is set the total bet amount.

💰Do I need to make the maximum bet playing slots?

In some video slots, the max bet allows competing for the jackpot or provides additional benefits. In most games, it does not matter what bet you make. Of course, the higher your wager, the more you can win (or lose). 

❓ How often may I change the bet while playing slots?

In most games, you may change the bet at the beginning of every new spin. Of course, you may not change the bet during free spins, respins, or other bonus features. 

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